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What’s News

What's News brings you the headlines and business news that move markets and the world—twice every weekday. In 10-12 minutes, get caught up on the best Wall Street Journal scoops and exclusives, with insight and analysis from the award-winning reporters that broke the stories. Hosted by Annmarie Fertoli and Luke Vargas.


5/22/2023 5:31:00 PM

Biden and McCarthy Go One-on-One to Get a Debt Ceiling Deal

P.M. Edition for May 22. President Biden and Speaker McCarthy are meeting face-to-face, aiming to broker a debt-ceiling deal. Plus, Western states agree to limit the use of water from the Colorado River. And Senator Tim Scott launches his presidential nomination campaign for the Republican party. Dion Rabouin hosts.

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5/22/2023 6:36:00 AM

Meta Hit With Record Fine Over EU-U.S. Data Transfers

A.M. Edition for May 22. European Union privacy regulators have fined Facebook owner Meta a record $1.3 billion for sending user information to the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter. WSJ tech reporter Sam Schechner explains how the decision could affect other multinational companies. Plus, U.S. debt talks are set to resume this afternoon. And Russia claims victory in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Luke Vargas hosts.

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5/19/2023 5:04:00 PM

Debt-Ceiling Talks Pause: What Happens on ‘X-Date’?

P.M. Edition for May 19. WSJ chief economics commentator Greg Ip discusses what may happen as the x-date closes in and debt-ceiling negotiations are at an impasse. Plus, WSJ D.C. reporter Daniella Cheslow says the fight over the debt ceiling has put the spotlight on clean energy funding. Danny Lewis hosts.

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5/19/2023 6:29:00 AM

6.8 Million Cars Tied to Potentially Explosive Airbag Parts

A.M. Edition for May 19. President Biden is expected to announce a new round of U.S. restrictions on trade with Russia today. WSJ White House reporter Annie Linskey reports on that from the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, where allies are also looking to counter Chinese economic coercion. Plus, a Journal investigation reveals which car models have been built with a potentially dangerous air-bag part. And how the leader of the United Arab Emirates has charted a delicate “friends-with-everyone” strategy. Luke Vargas hosts.

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5/18/2023 5:10:00 PM

China Puts Spymaster in Charge of Overseeing Western Businesses

P.M. Edition for May 18. WSJ chief China correspondent Lingling Wei says the move by Chinese leader Xi Jinping signals Beijing is prioritizing security over economic growth. And Disney scraps a $900 million investment to relocate employees to a corporate campus in Florida. Charlotte Gartenberg hosts.

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5/18/2023 6:39:00 AM

Montana Bans TikTok in a U.S. First

A.M. Edition for May 18. Montana’s governor has signed the first American bill that outright bans TikTok. Journal reporter Stu Woo explains how that is paving the way for a legal fight over a nationwide prohibition that is under consideration in Washington. Plus the WSJ’s Gwynn Guilford on how the tightest job market in generations is transforming the employment prospects for Black Americans. Luke Vargas hosts.

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5/17/2023 5:07:00 PM

Death Rates Among Young Americans Hit 15-Year High

P.M. Edition for May 17. WSJ news editor Janet Adamy explains how car accidents, homicides, suicides and drug overdoses have pushed up death rates for children and teens in the U.S. Plus, the timing of the debt ceiling crisis may have a silver lining for student loans. Charlotte Gartenberg hosts.

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5/17/2023 6:42:00 AM

Democrats Try to Force Debt-Ceiling Vote to Avoid Catastrophic Default

A.M. Edition for May 17. House Democrats are working on a long-shot parliamentary maneuver designed to circumvent House Republican leadership and force a vote to raise the debt ceiling. WSJ White House reporter Annie Linskey says this signals how far apart the two sides are. Plus, the Journal’s Tom Fairless on why migration into affluent countries has reached a record high. And lawmakers in North Carolina ban most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Luke Vargas hosts.

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5/16/2023 6:00:00 PM

No Breakthrough in Debt Ceiling Talks

P.M. Edition for May 16. President Biden will cut short a planned overseas trip to focus on the debt ceiling, as party leaders remained at odds following a meeting at the White House. WSJ national politics reporter Natalie Andrews discusses what is at stake. Plus, a rare pharma antitrust action seeks to block the Amgen-Horizon deal. Pierre Bienaimé hosts. 

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5/16/2023 6:28:00 AM

U.S. Debt Default Looms Over Everyday Investors

A.M. Edition for May 16. There are now tentative signs of progress toward a deal that would raise the U.S. debt ceiling as President Biden and top lawmakers prepare to meet at the White House today. But as Journal editor Alex Frangos explains, the risk of a default is sparking concern in the markets, as Treasury holders worry they won’t get some of their money back right away. Plus, the WSJ’s Ruth Simon describes why America’s small businesses are slowing hiring. And reporter Mike Colias discusses how automakers are getting into mining to meet EV demand. Luke Vargas hosts.

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Annmarie Fertoli

Host, Senior Producer, WSJ Podcasts, The Wall Street Journal

Annmarie Fertoli hosts the PM edition of the What's News podcast. She joined The Wall Street Journal in 2017 after more than a decade in public radio: first with WFUV at her alma mater, Fordham University, then at WNYC, where she worked as a news host, reporter and producer for All Things Considered. Annmarie has also worked as a reporter and arts and entertainment editor for weekly newspapers on Long Island and in Queens. Her first print story for the WSJ focused on how the popular video game “Animal Crossing” became a form of therapy during the coronavirus pandemicfor her and many others.

Luke Vargas

Host, WSJ Podcasts, The Wall Street Journal

Luke Vargas is the AM host of the What’s News podcast. He joined the WSJ in 2021 from the Skimm, where he was the senior producer of Skimm This. He previously spent seven years as a U.N.-based correspondent, hosting The World in 2:00 radio newscast and reporting from more than 35 countries for a consortium of local and regional AM/FM radio stations. Luke is a published poet and an avid permaculture landscaper, and designs detailed video game maps in his spare time.


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